On-Site Employee Living Facilities

Ellis Modular is leading the way and setting the standard for remote employee living facilities.

Travel Center Site Aerial Layout
Travel Center Site Aerial Layout

Remote retail locations can be a challenge for managers to staff consistently and avoid high employee turnover. The difficulties of maintaining employee motivation and loyalty to jobs in remote locations can be overcome by investing in on-site facilities to make the work week and shift work for these 24-hour retail centers easier on your staff.

The example above illustrates living accommodations for approximately 80 employees and managers, complete with laundry units, recreation and entertainment facilities, staff office, vending area, and housekeeping and maintenance. An almost self-contained environment providing all the comforts of home – away from home, to give your employees what they need on-location to be a motivated and a contributing asset to your business.

The combination of available facilities are virtually endless, from the type of accommodations offered, to completely custom design and finish out, to the various facade and foundation options we offer. Ellis Modular will work with you and your team to design a modular solution that will save you time and money on your facilities needs, and meet the requirements of your project and your employees.

Modular employee living suites
A popular floor plan for group living facilities is the ES1178-D Efficiency Suites. Many different configurations and customized layouts are available.
LC1140-A Modular Laundry Center
This site plan example features 2 LC1140-A Laundry Centers.
Modular Executive Managers Residence
Manager’s facilities can be included for Sr. level staff convenience. Many plans and complete customization available to suit your staff needs.
Adding additional convenience facilities will improve quality of life, motivation and job loyalty among your staff.

Let Ellis provide a custom quote for your on-site employee living facilities project. We’ll take care of the details–making it painless by helping guide you through the process from start to finish. With complete design capabilities, project management, delivery and setup, even facilities management if needed. Ellis is truly a one-stop, end-to-end modular solution.

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