Count on Us to Partner with You!

Ellis Modular is an proven end-to-end facilities provider that designs, builds, deploys, and manages permanent and mobile modular buildings for business, government, institutional, oil and gas, and various other industry sectors.


Founded by an entrepreneur who is fastidious in the way in which he conducts business, we are truly a partner with our customers.  Efficient functional design is among our strengths, and we meet your goals on time and within your budget.

Experience, Performance, and Partnerships

We are extremely proud of our successes over more than two decades in the modular industry space. We have the seasoned expertise and capacity to site plan, custom design for the functionality and efficiency that you want, provide all construction and site materials, oversee installation, and maintain your facilities if needed, so that your investment remains low as possible.

Our Vision

We are purely solutions-driven. Given that, we strive to bring the advantage of modular construction to any industry that could benefit from custom modular design and construction, deployment, and management. We continue to seek out advances in precision manufacturing and the ability to offer unique and cost-saving solutions to industry challenges.

Our Mission Inspires Us Every Day

Our mission is simple: Provide high-quality, versatile, reliable, and cost-effective modular resources for our customers in a variety of industries and government sectors across the board. Our constant and never wavering commitment to quality, expediency, reliability, safety, and unequaled customer service is our pledge.