Partnering with Ellis Modular
is the Smart Choice

Decades of experience in the modular construction industry coupled with our service-driven philosophy gives our customers the confidence that we are their end-to-end solution for building facilities for business and industry sectors too numerous to name here.

Ellis Modular offers secure, quality-built, comfortably-designed, and affordably-priced accommodations for any number of personnel – from one-off mobile offices to large self-contained workforce communities. We have the expertise and capacity to plan and design your project site to meet your unique needs and project requirements. We build the modules offsite at an environmentally and quality-controlled work place and transport the materials to your location. Responsible for the full installation of your project, our logistics experts move quickly to deploy and set every project, large or small, routine or first-of-its kind in a particular business sector.

Given our vertically integrated business model, our lower overhead and streamlined processes allow us to tailor product packages to meet your needs, fit your budget, and shorten your construction timeline.

Our Capabilities and Expertise
Allow Us Flexibility

Ellis Modular’s commitment to value works hand-in-hand with our adherence to quality. In fact, our business independence and can-do spirit guarantees an unparalleled level of excellence in tandem with value. Utilizing the latest technologies in manufacturing, construction and logistics, Ellis is positioned to be your partner in developing workforce communities; medical, dental and veterinarian facilities, education programing spaces for schools, higher education, job training and seminar; and local and state governments.

Whatever your requirements and expectations for a full project partner are, be assured that  our time and project proven Design-Build-Deploy℠ system provides the components you need, craftsmanship you demand, and delivery you can count on.


  • Dedicated staff of construction and logistics experts.
  • Needs assessment and site planning.
  • Selecting optimal geographic location.
  • Configuring site and floor plans to your project's specific needs.
  • Unparalleled customer service every step of the way.