Safety—Always the Highest Priority

Industrial and construction site injuries are a no-win situation. Ellis Modular is always committed to the safety of our employees, our customers and their workforce. Employees experience pain, possible incapacitation and lost work, while the company suffers from the loss of the employee’s contribution, project disruption and reduced employee morale.

Safety – Manufacturing Through Deployment

From manufacturing to maintenance, Ellis believes safety is the top priority at all times. All employees are briefed on our Health and Safety handbook upon hiring and we hold regular safety meetings to keep our employees up to date on regulations, procedures, and state and federal guidelines. We perform random manufacturing, delivery and construction site inspections to ensure that our employees are following the proper procedures. Our project managers have completed the 30-hour OSHA safety course, while our crews have completed the 10-hour safety course, both as directed by federal regulations. These measures translate into an injury-free work environment. From initial construction, to delivery and deployment, and all through the process, Ellis is dedicated to a safe and injury-free work environment.