After a Catastrophe: Count on Ellis to Help

We know replacing a business damaged or destroyed in a weather-related or other catastrophe is urgent.  And, cost must be a consideration as you move ahead. Ellis Modular specializes in modular buildings that function as industrial facilities, medical and dental clinics, workforce communities, and the list goes on.  We give you the options and pricing you need quickly and complete the project on time and in your budget.

Benefits of Modular Construction Replacement

  • No costly retrofits that comes with remodeling
  • Floor plans that fit what YOU want
  • Less cost per square foot over site-built structures
  • New materials and construction methods
  • Improved energy efficiency and mechanical equipment
  • Designing and building on small or narrow lots with space limitations
  • Replacing storm and hurricane damaged homes and structures
  • Replacing vacation homes and cottages
  • Replacing fire damaged structures

The Ellis Modular Advantage

Count on us to replace storm, hurricane and fire damaged structures. Our cost per square foot is less than site-built structures. Here are more reasons to consider modular construction for replacement and why to partner with us.

  • Faster replacement time tables.
  • Rebuild in your desired location.
  • In many cases, it’s more economical to rebuild than repair.
  • Green/Eco-Friendly materials used in construction.
  • No working in a construction zone, creating hazards for employees and customers.

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