Affordable Seasonal Housing
for Agricultural Needs

Ellis Modular’s experience and expertise is strong in the agriculture industry, where our customers need functional and affordable work and living facilities accommodate seasonal work in more remote geographic locations. Bunkhouses, restrooms, maintenance and storage facilities are among the uses for which we design and build affordable agricultural facilities.

Seasonal Use Facilities Custom Designed to Fit Your Needs

Ellis Modular’s products will work for you, given our ingenuity and record of customizing our products to meet our customers’ needs.  Be assured.  You are only limited in scope and design by your, and our, imagination.  We listen carefully and then create functional spaces to house your seasonal workers while on site.

Our design team also provides alternatives for configurations beyond your basic requirements for increased efficiency and reduced costs during construction and operations. In addition, we make recommendations for alternative materials that may bring added value with regard to your immediate needs and your long-term strategic goals.

Please know that Ellis Modular is your partner in assuring that your business operations are efficient and affordable.

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View some of the facilities floor plans we have developed and delivered for various clients in a variety of industries.

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Contact us about your upcoming project–or hypothetical project. We will be happy to explore the benefits and design options that modular construction can provide, delivery timelines and pricing. Our goal is to make our customers aware of “The Modular Option” that is often overlooked in the consideration, design and construction of new facilities.