Meeting Needs Where Resources are Limited

Partner with Ellis Modular to design, build and maintain facilities for a functional, efficient, and affordable workforce community. Our decades of experience designing and building modular facilities for the oil and gas exploration and production industry assure you that we understand your challenges and will meet your project needs.

Experienced Engineers Tackle Big Jobs Like Yours

Ellis Modular designs and engineers each workforce community to meet all the functional aspects of your project scope and to optimize job-site limitations and geographic locations. We maximize available space to keep costs down for our customers. No site is too large or too small – even the smallest job sites deserve the utmost attention to detail to maximize cost savings As your end-to-end provider – from the site design to the manufacturing to the deployment and finish out, you can be assured your project will run as smoothly as possible with maximum efficiencies built-in at every step in the process.

Workforce Community Example

This Model Shows Total Functionality

Pictured below is a typical job-site living community, with this example housing approximately 114 residents and staff. Included are 17, 6-person bunk houses complete with bedroom and private bath facilities for each resident. In addition, there are typically two or three staff facility units on site to house administration, cafeteria and maintenance personnel. A general store, cafeteria, office, laundry, and recreation facility make the community self-contained and virtually self-sufficient, giving your employees everything they need to live comfortably while working on-site.

See a Typical Remote Site Plan

View some of the facilities and floor plans associated with remote workforce communities that we have developed and delivered.

Typical Facilities Used in Remote Oil & Gas Exploration


Oil & Gas Exploration and Drill Camps

Customized facilities designs and site plans to address the specific needs and scope of your project. Our modular workforce communities combine bedroom/bath, dining and kitchen, recreation and laundry facilities to provide a complete, functional, and cost-efficient workforce environment.

Living Facilities and Executive Residences

Designed for site managers, engineers, supervisors and visiting VIP’s, we offer practical and affordable living facilities for the field or job site. Our custom well and drill site facilities feature contemporary layouts with custom interiors, practical workspaces, complete kitchens and laundry conveniences.

Bunkhouses and Efficiency Suites

We can meet the housing demands of your project by providing sleeping and lavatory facilities for a small on-site group, or a workforce of a thousand. Your group, large or small, will everything they need to live in comfort and style with all the amenities ofhome. Our custom design process allow you to make the decisions about available amenities and square footage allocation.

Lavatories and Laundry Facilities

Custom designed community shower and lavatory units are available to accompany bunkhouses that don’t contain bathroom/shower facilities. It may be a consideration to bring these facilities on as separate units depending on the needs of your project. Separate and dedicated laundry facilities offer any-time convenient access and multi-machine capacity to expedite the laundry service, because this will be one their favorite chores.

Kitchen and Dining Units

Full functioning commercial kitchen setups with efficient serving and open dining areas will keep the troops well fed and provide a gathering place for community. Our remote location kitchens are self-sufficient in function, dressed out with all the equipment needed to serve a workforce of any size. We have even designed custom models with laundry and recreation facilities incorporated.

Recreation Facilities

R&R is a very important aspect of personnel down-time. Access to fitness, recreation and entertainment facilities are very important aspects of maintaining a healthy crew – physically and mentally. No matter how remote your job site is, a fit crew is a happier and more satisfied crew, with benefits in efficiency and morale that carry over to the work day.

Convenience Center & General Store

The general store, or smaller convenience center, is an employees’ link to all things material in remote work environments. These facilities can be a lifeline during the work week providing those little necessities of life. These facilities are typically set up similar to a small grocery store or convenience store with the same stocked items you would find there.

Workforce Housing & Community Administration Services

In addition to providing all the facilities, we are experienced in the overall management of workforce housing and communities if this would be more efficient for you. Managing day-to-day operations after site set up is a key service we offer for many of our larger projects–including food service, housekeeping, laundry, and complete building and site maintenance. This is specialty service, so please contact us to talk more about the needs and requirements of your particular project or site.

Facility Examples for Workforce Communities

Please know that what you are reviewing below are only examples of what we have designed and delivered. Your project and requirements are unique. We will meet those requirements by customizing your facilities specific to your project needs and your site location.



Size (SF)




6-Person Bunkhouse

SIZE: 1,330 SF

DIMS: 17’ 6” x 76’


General Store

SIZE: 1,430 SF

DIMS: 27' 6" x 52'


Laundry Center

SIZE: 1,140 SF

DIMS: 15' x 76'


Office Facility

SIZE: 1,872 SF

DIMS: 27' x 72'


Cafeteria Facility

SIZE: 3,989 SF

DIMS: 62' 4" x 64'


Recreational Facility

SIZE: 2,280 SF

DIMS: 30' x 76'

View Facilities Floor Plans by Type

Sample Floorplan image strip

View some of the facilities floor plans we have developed and delivered for various clients in a variety of industries.

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