Specialized Customization for Healthcare
and Veterinary Facilities

Ellis Modular has the experience and expertise to customize care facilities that require sterile environments, high-tech equipment functionality, specialized operations and materials. Ellis designs and builds complete custom medical and dental facilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional site built construction. Modular buildings are also used in veterinary care and treatment facilities, and even for large animal accommodations in more rural areas.



Fully Equipped Medical Environments

Specifically in the healthcare sector, we always consider the accessibility and environmental standards that must be met. Medical facilities require additional planning and consideration. Ellis Modular provides facilities that meet or exceed the requirements unique to the healthcare industry. The options are many and extensive with each project having its own unique set of requirements.


In-office medical procedures may be performed here with full confidence in the functionality of the facilities. These facilities include offices for physicians and PA’s and dentists as well as their nursing team and dental hygienists and support personnel. Patient waiting rooms and lobby areas, nursing stations, physician’s offices and exam rooms, medical testing and records storage.


Special Considerations:

  • Controlled access rooms or corridors
  • Specifically-designed ventilation and HVAC systems
  • Secure storage and access for pharmaceuticals
  • ADA as well as IBC compliance
  • Restricted access zones
  • Specialized In-wall shielding
  • Special equipment wiring and weight provisions
  • Specialized bacterial-resistant surfaces
  • And many more

Customize Your Space – Inside and Out

Ellis Modular’s products will work for you, given our ingenuity and record of customizing our products to meet our customers’ needs.  Be assured.  You are only limited in scope and design by your imagination.  We listen carefully, design accordingly, and create highly functional spaces customized to your specific needs.


Our design team will also provide alternatives for configurations beyond your basic requirements for increased efficiency and reduced costs in construction and operation. In addition, we’ll provide recommendations for alternative materials that may bring added value with regard to your immediate needs and your long-term business growth.


Architectural Aesthetics and Styling

Our architects can design façade options to bring aesthetic appeal to your facility’s elevation or to blend with existing architecture. Stone or brick exteriors and accents, a multitude of window and door treatments, roof styling, porticoes, and designer options contribute to the architectural beauty of your facility. Interiors can be designed to convey your organization’s vision or that of your community—the possibilities are unlimited.



  • Healthcare Facilities Brochure

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    Medical/Dental/Veterinary Brochure

  • Micro-Hospital Overview

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    Medical/Dental/Veterinary Overview Sheet



How Soon Do You Need It?
Your Facilities Up and Running 30%-45% Sooner with Modular!

From small health clinics, to larger micro-hospitals, down time can be a big factor in long-term profitability. Our Design-Build-Deploy℠ process saves time by having your facilities up-and-running, and profitable, sooner than traditional site-built facilities.*


The adage that “time is money” applies to any business. Manufacturing of modular buildings occurs simultaneously with site-preparation. Weather delays are no longer a significant factor. The delivery of materials occurs once work is set to begin on-site. When careful planning is exercised on the front end, there’s less likelihood of change orders during construction, which significantly delay your timeline and increase costs. The chart below explains how a modular solution can have you up and running sooner than traditional site-built construction:


Project Time Savings Chart


Real Cost Savings Over Traditional Construction

Ellis Medical & Dental Clinics, Micro-hospitals, and Health-related facilities become a vital link to our rural communities. With the documented decline in rural hospital counts across the nation due to state and federal budget cuts, a Modular Healthcare approach becomes ever more viable. The cost-savings by using Modular construction can help bridge the gap between “having” and “not having” rural community healthcare facilities and services provided to an underserved population.

Whether rural or urban, the cost to design and construct a modular medical office is approximately $105 to $115 per square foot—which is about 55% of the typical cost to build the same facility on site using traditional construction methods**. Save those dollars for your operating budget once your facility is open.


Primary savings derived from:

  • Less overall cost per square foot than site-built construction
  • Increased revenue from facilities being completed and operational sooner compared
    to the longer schedules for site-built construction
  • Reduced length of construction loan and associated finance charges.


Cost Savings Chart Over Traditional Construction


*According to the American Institute of Architects and the Modular Building Institute, the 30%-45% time savings range sited here is pretty typical of possible time savings on your project. It must be said however, that every project is unique, with its own set of specifications, requirements and circumstances that may cause delays. Factors such as transport, terrain, location, change orders, permitting, and project requirements, all play a part in construction timelines.
*Modular Building Institute, recent case study report; RSMeans Data Corp.; National Commercial Construction Software company data report.

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