Special Customization for Healthcare, Vet Facilities

Ellis Modular has the experience and expertise to customize care facilities that require sterile environments and high-tech operations. These include offices for physicians and dentists as well as their nursing team and dental hygienists.

In-office medical procedures may be performed here without concern about the surroundings. Veterinarians and their animal care teams have adequate space to treat and house animals, and provide short-term boarding.

Customize Your Space

Ellis Modular’s products will work for you, given our ingenuity and record of customizing our products to meet our customers’ needs. Be assured. You are only limited in scope and design by your imagination. We listen carefully and then create functional working environments just for your needs.

Our design team will also provide alternatives for configurations beyond your basic requirements for increased efficiency and reduced costs in construction and operation. In addition, we’ll provide recommendations for alternative materials that may bring added value with regard to your immediate needs and your long-term business growth.

Please know that Ellis Modular is your partner in providing the proper clinic or veterinary environment for your business growth.

Existing Floor Plans

The floor plans presented here give an overview of the many facilities we have designed, built, and deployed, as well as our capabilities in customization.



Size (SF)




Healthcare facility, clinic, doctors office.

SIZE: 1,410 SF

DIMS: 23' 6 x 60'


Healthcare facility, clinic, doctors office.

SIZE: 1,638 SF

DIMS: 27' 4" x 60'


Healthcare facility, clinic, doctors office, dental facility.

SIZE: 2,115 SF

DIMS: 35' 3" x 60'


Healthcare facility, clinic, doctors office, dental facility.

SIZE: 2,952 SF

DIMS: 50' 11" x 58'


Healthcare facility, Medical Clinic,
Doctors Office, Dental Facility.

SIZE: 3,605 SF

DIMS: 51' 6" x 70'


Healthcare facility, clinic, doctors office, dental facility.

SIZE: 4,032 SF

DIMS: 56' 5" x 73'


Healthcare facility, dental clinic.

SIZE: 4,180 SF

DIMS: 55' x 76'

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