Recreation as an
Important Distraction

Recreation units are often designed into multi-purpose facilities that include cafeterias or other functions for remote work group communities. They serve an important function in providing an oasis away from the daily work routine. Many older apartment and condominium communities have added these facilities as a benefit to their residents. It is common to design recreational units with other functionality in mind, such as laundry or security or facilities administration offices. The combinations and functionality are almost endless.

Customized for Maximum Efficiency
and Cost Savings

We listen carefully and then create functional spaces that exceed your expectations, designing for increased efficiency and reduced costs in construction and operation. In addition, we provide recommendations for alternative materials that may bring added value with regard to your immediate needs and your long-term objectives.


Ellis Modular is extremely experienced in maximizing the functionality and efficiencies of the spaces we create for our clients. We have many examples of recreational facilities and multi-purpose buildings we have designed. Most of these examples have been created to meet specific project requirements.

Typical example of a 30’ x 76’, 2,280 sq. ft., Recreation/Entertainment Center for and Oil & Gas exploration camp. This type of facility is also popular with Senior centers, apartment complexes, and RV park community centers.

Existing Floor Plans

The floor plans presented here give an overview of the many facilities we have designed, built, and delivered, as well as our capabilities in customization. Our architectural team can design and create facilities to meet your specific requirements.



Size (SF)




Recreational Facility

SIZE: 2,280 SF

DIMS: 30' x 76'


Multi-Purpose Facility

SIZE: 2,160 SF

DIMS: 30' x 72'


Multi-Purpose Facility

SIZE: 5,500 SF

DIMS: 110' x 50'

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