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The general store, or smaller convenience center, is an employees’ link to all things material in remote work environments. These facilities can be a lifeline during the work week providing those little necessities of life. These facilities are typically set up similar to a small grocery store or convenience store with the same stocked items you would find there.

This is an example of a plan for an oil and gas exploration camp. Ellis can design and build just about any facility configuration that your project requires.

Unit Floor Plans



Size (SF)




General Store

SIZE: 1,430 SF

DIMS: 27' 6" x 52'

Let Ellis Manage Your Facilities

For Workforce Communities, Ellis has extensive experience setting up and managing retail facilities – taking care of all aspects of the ‘retail center’ through our suppliers network. From inventory delivery and management, stocking grids, pricing and labeling systems, checkout and payment processing, including transitional and seasonal products your employees will need during the week.


We can provide as much or as little assistance, oversight and management as you prefer, but ultimately you have complete control over inventory, pricing and hours of operation – Essentially, every aspect of operations.

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Contact us about your upcoming project–or hypothetical project. We will be happy to explore the benefits and design options that modular construction can provide, delivery timelines and pricing. Our goal is to make our customers aware of “The Modular Option” that is often overlooked in the consideration, design and construction of new facilities.


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