Feeding the Troops

No one will go hungry in our full-service, commercial kitchen setups with efficient serving area and open dining areas that will keep your workforce well fed and provide a gathering place for community.

Full Service Dining

Full-size walk-in freezers and coolers will store enough meat, poultry, seafood, fresh produce and dairy to satisfy the appetites of your entire workforce. Our remote-location kitchens are self-sufficient in function, dressed out with all the commercial equipment needed to serve a workforce of any size. We have even designed custom models with laundry and recreation facilities incorporated.


Our custom design process allow you to make the decisions about available amenities, layout, equipment and square footage allocation. The design options and combination of multi-purpose functionality are endless with these large kitchen and dining units.

Typical example of a remote job site cafeteria facility for an oil and gas exploration camp.

Unit Floor Plans

As with any of our modular buildings, customization is the norm. Ellis will design and construct the right facilities to meet your needs and those best suited to meet the project demands – whatever they may be.



Size (SF)




Cafeteria Facility

SIZE: 3,989 SF

DIMS: 62' 4" x 64'


Cafeteria Facility

SIZE: 4,032 SF

DIMS: 63' x 64'


Cafeteria Facility

SIZE: 7,091 SF

DIMS: 64' x 110' 7"


Multi-Purpose Facility

SIZE: 5,500 SF

DIMS: 110' x 50'

Let Ellis Manage Your Facilities

For Workforce Communities, Ellis can even provide operations management of your dining facilities. We have extensive experience in complete facilities management – taking care of all aspects of kitchen, dinning and meal preparation through our suppliers network. From nutritional guidelines, meal planning and menu organization, food inventory management, delivery and storage, large group meal preparation, dinning hall management and cleanup – we can thoroughly and efficiently manage the process round the clock for your workforce community.

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