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Operations & Facilities Managers:

Lower Your Employee Turnover
by Adding On-Site Living Facilities!


Inexpensive modular living suites for your employees for much less than you think.

Ellis Modular can provide you with new, add-on employee suites and shift-worker housing facilities for your travel centers, truck stops or other remote worksites. Expanding your existing site to include low-cost modular living facilities for staff, employers experience reduced turnover, increased productivity, and accountability - even higher-end managers benefit from living close to work in remote locations reducing travel time.

Remote work groups and those employees working in remote locations seek clean, comfortable and safe accommodations while working away from home - and need all the amenities for their day-to-day living. Private living suites, laundry facilities, en-suite shower/bathrooms, vending conveniences, and even recreation or entertainment facilities for larger groups. 

Ellis can provide any one, or a combination of these facilities to meet your employees' needs, all designed to meet your specific requirements and your site footprint. And, quicker and less expensive than traditional site-built construction.

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Reduce turnover and motivate your staff by giving them a safe and secure place to sleep and relax when needed.


The trend to provide these facilities is catching on quickly for good reason. Employee turnover is costly - time, training, and money - and that translates to poor customer service and declining profitability. Providing on-site living suites has proven to be an effective investment for long-term employee retention, loyalty, accountability, and reliability of  operations.


It would be worthwhile to take a hard look at the cost benefits of expanding your existing business site by adding living suites for some of your staff when needed. Ellis Modular can provide a "no obligation" quote to help you compare those costs. 

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Save time on your construction schedule

Using modular building materials and methods can save you 30-45% on your design-build schedule*. In practical terms, imagine a 24 month design-construction timeline for your project. Modular construction could put your employees into your new facilities a full 7-11 months sooner than traditional site-built construction methods. That's an operational advantage that has real financial impact.

*Every construction project is unique, with its own set of specifications and requirements. The 30%-45% range sited here is only an example of possible time savings, according to the American Institute of Architects and the Modular Building Institute. Factors such as transport, terrain, location, change orders, permitting, and project requirements, all play a part in construction timelines.

...and money on your construction costs

Real Cost Savings

Cost to design and construct a modular medical office is approximately $105 to $115 per square foot—about 55% of the cost to build the same facility on-site*. Save those dollars for your operating budget once your facility is open.

Primary savings derived from:
A) Less overall cost per square foot than site-built construction;

Increased revenue from facilities being completed and operational sooner compared
to the longer schedules for
site-built construction;

Reduced length of construction loan and associated finance charges.

Reduce your employee retention costs by adding Modular Living Facilities
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Let us show you how a modular solution
can save you time and money over traditional site-built construction!

Example of a 55,000 square-foot travel center with on-site employee living suites

The example at left illustrates on-site living accommodations for approximately 80 employees, complete with laundry units, recreation and entertainment facilities, staff office, vending area, and housekeeping and maintenance. An almost self-contained environment providing all the comforts of home – away from home, to give your employees what they need on-location to be a motivated and contributing asset to your business. 

he combination of available facilities are virtually endless, from the type of accommodations offered, to completely custom design and finish out, to the various facade and foundation options we offer. Ellis Modular will work with you and your team to design a modular solution that will save you time and money on your facilities needs, and meet the requirements of your project and your employees.

A few examples of on-site employee living facilities

Customer Reviews

All throughout the process I was happy with the customer service. Communication was great with promptly returned calls. I have been very happy with the quality and how complete my units are. Everything works well and it is an amazing product. The installation all happened in a day.

Ken Hoelscher

Enchanted Ranch

During the past year, our company has worked directly with Ellis Modular on numerous projects with varying complexities and in various locations. [They] consistently offer top-notch quality, impeccable service, and competitive rates. Across the board, we are always pleased with the work that they perform…The entire process, from the design and manufacturing to the delivery and set up was performed in a timely, effective, and successful manner.

Jackie Smith

Pioneer Natural Resources

Find Out How You Can Add
Employee Living Suites and Facilities to Your Existing Commercial Site
for a Fraction of  Typical Construction Costs

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*NOTE: Given that each project is unique and different, each with its own set of specifications and requirements, the 30% figure sited here is only an example of possible time savings according to the American Institute of Architects and in no way applies to every modular construction project. Factors such as weather, terrain, location and individual project requirements, all play a part in the scheduling and timeline.