Added Conveniences
Where Your Need It

Designed and mainly used in a variety of applications like large construction sites, long-term or ongoing industrial parks and projects, state parks and camping areas or remote sporting venues.


Count on Ellis Modular to design and build customized affordable spaces needed for special event activities, vending facilities, restroom facilities and combination units for special uses. We are experienced in designing convenience facilities, public restroom and shower units, ticket operations, vending centers, mobile offices, cooking and serving facilities, maintenance, and storage facilities…and the list goes on. Our custom designed facilities will meet your needs and your budget.

Crafted Design Solutions

Whether you are creating spaces for concession operations or R&R options for employees or the public, check us out. And, if you are not seeing what you are needing, call us. Creating facilities for “a special use” is a challenge we are always ready to meet. Our designers can craft just about anything to accommodate your project needs.



Size (SF)




Restroom Facility

SIZE: 324 SF

DIMS: 12' x 30'


Restroom Facility

SIZE: 415 SF

DIMS: 12' x 40'


Restroom Facility

SIZE: 470 SF

DIMS: 12' x 40'


Restroom Facility

SIZE: 500 SF

DIMS: 12' x 48'


Restroom Facility

SIZE: 690 SF

DIMS: 14' x 58'


Restroom Facility

SIZE: 565 SF

DIMS: 17' 8" x 30'

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Contact us about your upcoming project–or hypothetical project. We will be happy to explore the benefits and design options that modular construction can provide, delivery timelines and pricing. Our goal is to make our customers aware of “The Modular Option” that is often overlooked in the consideration, design and construction of new facilities.


Give us a call to learn how modular buildings can meet your project needs quicker and at a fraction of the cost over traditional construction.

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