Designed to be as
Cross-Functional as You Need

One building or a group of buildings may often be designed and constructed to serve multiple purposes depending on overarching need.  Ellis Modular is extremely experienced in maximizing the functionality and efficiencies of the spaces we create for our clients. Combining many functional aspects of facilities in different ways may reduce the oval construction cost and increase efficiency in use and ongoing operational costs.

Customized for Maximum Efficiency
and Cost Savings

We listen carefully and then create functional spaces that exceed your expectations, designing for increased efficiency and reduced costs in construction and operation. In addition, we provide recommendations for alternative materials that may bring added value with regard to your immediate needs and your long-term business objectives.
We have many examples of cross-functional buildings that meet specific project goals and budgets. Most of these examples are custom designed to meet specific project requirements.

Existing Floor Plans

The floor plans presented here give an overview of the many facilities we have designed, built, and delivered, as well as our capabilities in customization. Our architectural team can design and create facilities to meet your specific requirements.



Size (SF)




Restroom Facility

SIZE: 565 SF

DIMS: 17' 8" x 30'


Restroom Facility

SIZE: 960 SF

DIMS: 24' x 40'


Multi-Purpose Facility

SIZE: 1,320 SF

DIMS: 30' 1 1/2" x 44"


Multi-Purpose Facility

SIZE: 2,160 SF

DIMS: 30' x 72'


Multi-Purpose Facility

SIZE: 5,500 SF

DIMS: 110' x 50'

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