Multi-Personnel Living Facilities

Modular Living Facilities come in a wider range of configurations than Bunk Houses or Efficiency Suites – from units that are very similar to the Efficiency Suites with private bathroom/shower facilities for each occupant to a more communal/dormitory style with common sleeper areas and common bathroom/shower facilities. Each unit is self contained, designed with kitchen/dining area, laundry, utility and larger living area for use by all personnel. Select units also feature on-site attendant quarters with private bath/shower.


Applications include oil and gas drilling and exploration sites, migrant worker or seasonal worker housing, pipeline, wind and solar energy farms, and shorter-term remote location housing for larger groups of working personnel.

Typical example of a multi-person living facility found in a remote worksite location. Model: LF1330-A 1,330 sq feet, 17' x 76' 4-8 person Living Facility.

Unit Floor Plans

Personnel capacity can range from 4 to 12 occupants per individual Living Facility unit.


As with any of our modular buildings, customization is the norm. Ellis will design and construct the right facilities to meet your needs and those best suited to meet the project demands – whatever they may be.



Size (SF)




4-Person Living Facility.

SIZE: 1,178 SF

DIMS: 15'6" x 76'


4-Person living facility

SIZE: 1,330 SF

DIMS: 17'6" x 76'


4-Person living facility

SIZE: 1,330 SF

DIMS: 17'6" x 76'


4-Person living facility

SIZE: 1,330 SF

DIMS: 17'6" x 76'


10-Person living facility

SIZE: 1,474 SF

DIMS: 23' 5" x 62' 8"


12-Person living facility

SIZE: 1,786 SF

DIMS: 23' 5 1/2" x 76'


12-Person living facility

SIZE: 2,086 SF

DIMS: 27' 5 1/2" x 76'


8-Person, 4-Plex Unit

SIZE: 3,572 SF

DIMS: 47' x 76' (Overall)

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