Popular Floor Plan: 5-Man Efficiency Suite

Fast Becoming the Industry Standard
Model ES1178-D: The new industry standard in employee comfort.

Ellis’ 5-Man Efficiency Suite, also known as our ES1178D unit found under “Efficiency Suites” in our floor plans, has been an industry favorite this year. It has nailed the “efficiency” statement by providing each worker a private, comfortable and relaxing suite where they are able to carry out their daily routines in comfort and privacy. This includes the luxury of their own refrigerator, PTAC/HVAC units, cooktop, kitchenette, and full bath, where they have complete control of everything that goes on in their space. We have received amazing reviews with regard to these Suites and are proud to have had this level of industry success with this product.   

Links to popular floor plans: 

5-Man Efficiency Suite: http://new.ellismodular.com/facility-types/efficiency-suites/es1178-d/