Complete Project Management
from Start to Finish…and Beyond

Ellis Modular is a vertically-integrated company whose efficiencies save you money and time.  Every aspect of every project is managed and completed “in-house.” There is no time-consuming hand-off of assignments to unrelated subcontractors who may not fully understand our commitment to completing the tasks involved in a successful project with precision and quality control.

Model Drives Perfection


Functional design is among our strengths. We assess your needs as well as the physical layout and environmental aspects of your site. Then we create the detailed construction documents and building designs to your specifications, project needs and site requirements.


Our proven and efficient methodologies involve constructing modules in an environmentally-controlled manufacturing facility. The process developed for construction has been refined to provide maximum efficiency, quality and highly controlled with materials protected from the elements until needed.


Our experienced deployment team transports to the project site where your facilities are erected quickly and professionally to the site specifications. Our expert crews know exactly what needs be done and how, and job-site inspections multi-check the progress at frequent intervals for accuracy and safety assurance.

Our Design-Build-Deploy℠ Model Benefits You

  • We are a vertically integrated company whose business model and efficiencies save you time and money.
  • We efficiently perform all tasks in all phases of your project.  Traditional contractors are ultimately co-dependent on other companies, whereas Ellis is simply NOT.
  • We have the expertise to customize your building site and design specifications, which assures that your specific needs are met.
  • Our construction materials are of the highest and consistent quality so you are assured long-term use for your facilities.
  • The speed with which we build and deploy your structure increases your ultimate profitability by putting your people in place sooner.
  • All of the functions that we serve are energy efficient.
  • Our controlled manufacturing environment produces less waste, lowering the project budget – and is more environmentally friendly.
  • Providing a quality product is our top priority with multi-point inspections at many phases in the process.
  • Safety is a key aspect, and our workspace meets and/or exceeds OSHA safety requirements and standards.

Even More Reasons to Partner with Ellis Modular.

At every step in the process, we serve as your partner; we are both experts in our field and responsive to your needs. From materials sourcing to federal construction regulations, to transport and setup, to overseeing quality control, safety and functionality of your facility, we efficiently manage your project—big or small.

Logistics & Planning

Our logistics and construction experts work closely with your project team to meet ongoing challenges. For example, site selection must ultimately address elevations and grade, drainage, utility and sewer needs, access—and even safety hazards in the environment as well as environmental impact.

Local, State and Federal Regulations

We are here to make certain your project meets all regulations and requirements. We do not bend rules—in the interest of expediency. From planning and design to construction, delivery and site setup, every i is dotted and every t is crossed with regard to adherence to local, state and federal regulations.


Our North Central Texas operation gives our installation crews quick and easy access to most all of our customers’ project sites. This means you are not cost-burdened by “drive-times” and excessively long delivery schedules.

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