Office Facilities

Modular Office Facilities

Ellis offers Office Facilities that can be designed and configured to suit your business needs - whatever they may be. The modular design and construction approach gives us the flexibility to design a space with just as much - or as little - space as you require with an eye on efficiency and growth.

Our design team will take your basic needs list and requirements and craft facilities to meet those specific needs. We will also consider alternatives to plan configurations beyond your basic requirements for increased efficiency and cost reduction in construction and operation. In addition, we'll provide recommendations for alternative materials that may bring added value with regard to your immediate needs and your long term business growth. We consider our customers partners and want to provide them with as much information as possible to consider for the best solution to meet their project demands now and down the road.

The applications for Office Facilities are virtually endless and have included oil and gas drilling and exploration sites, general business offices, franchise outlets, banking, retail facilities, sales support and telemarketing facilities, general business expansion space, and construction offices to name a few. These units are totally customizable and are only limited in scope by your imagination.

Floor Plans

Model Sq. Ft.* # Offices Restrooms Dimensions
  Office Facilities
OF1980-A 1,980 sq.ft. 7 No 27' x 72'
OF1980-B 1,980 sq.ft. 4 Yes 27' x 72'
OF1980-C 1,980 sq.ft. 6 Yes 27' x 72'
OF1980-D 1,980 sq.ft. 0 Yes 27' x 72'
OF1980-E 1,980 sq.ft. 0 No 27' x 72'
OF1980-F 1,980 sq.ft. 10 No 27' x 72'
OF2704-A 2,704 sq.ft. 8 Yes 56' 4" x 48'
3,390 sq.ft. 8
62' x 54' 8"

*Square footage listed is approximate.