Functional Space for Construction and Industrial Sites

Ellis Modular has the experience and expertise to customize space that functions as an operational headquarters, with offices for supervisors, inspectors and security personnel; safety seminars and training, as well as a conference rooms for team meetings and project organization.  We design these units for on-going operations in the energy field as well as the construction of large mixed-use developments, industrial parks, communications sites, pipeline installations and monitoring facilities, forestry, remote mining, logistics hubs, and general aviation airport expansion.

Customize Your Space Affordably

Ellis Modular’s products will work for you, given our ingenuity and record of customizing our products to meet our customers’ needs.  Be assured.  You are only limited in scope and design by your imagination.  We listen carefully, design accordingly, and create functional spaces just for your needs.

Our design team will also provide alternatives for configurations beyond your basic requirements for increased efficiency and reduced costs in construction and operation. In addition, we’ll provide recommendations for alternative materials that may bring added value with regard to your immediate needs and your long-term business growth

Facilities Up and Running Sooner

Business and Industry are very sensitive to operational down time and cash flow. Our Design-Build-Deploy℠ process saves time by having your facilities up-and-running sooner than traditional site-built facilities.

Please know that Ellis Modular is your partner in expanding your business and increasing your profitability.

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