The Bunkhouse units are typically used in locations where larger on-site workforce groups are housed long-term. Capacity ranges from 1 to 2 occupants per individual sleeper module and up to 6 persons per bunkhouse. These units resemble small hotel suites with in-unit bathroom/shower and often a small sitting area or work desk.

Applications include oil and gas drilling and exploration sites, migrant worker or seasonal worker housing needs, pipeline and long-term remote location housing. With secure private quarters that feature card-key entry, a personal safe, lavatory and shower facilities, bunkhouses provide comfortable, long-term on-site sleeper accommodations with a few of the comforts of home.

As with any of our modular buildings, customization is the norm. Ellis will design and construct the right facilities to meet your needs and those best suited to meet the project demands – whatever they may be.

Floor Plans

Model Sq. Ft.* Bedrooms/Beds bath Dimensions
BH1185-A 1,185 sq.ft. 6 bedroom 4 bath 15' 8" x 76'
BH1330-A 1,330 sq.ft. 6 bedroom 6 bath 17' 6" x 76'
BH1330-B 1,330 sq.ft. 5 bedroom 5 bath 17' 6" x 76'
BH1330-C 1,330 sq.ft. 4 bedroom 4 bath 17' 6" x 76'

*Square footage listed is approximate.